About Josef

Josef is a professional handball/wallball player from New York.

When he found handball, he immediately fell in love and the rest was history. Thus far, Josef has received 1st at the World Championships, 3rd at the World Championships, 1st five times at Open 4 Wall Championships, 3rd in the 3 Wall Championship Games in the Ametuer division in 2019 to come back and win the pro division in 2020.

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Some statistics...

- Average minutes played per game: 22 minutes.
- Highest score in a game: 25.
- Total miles per day in game: 17 miles.
- Average points scored a year: 25,200 8 months out of the year.
- Average games per day: 5.

Interesting Info...

Josef grew up playing soccer competitively and was on a D3 League by the age of 13.

He played varsity tennis in highschool before varsity handball.

His nickname in the handball world is "Gooch" because his childhood friend had a hard time pronouncing his name.

Josef's favorite color is red.

Steak is his favorite food.

Josef is passionate about health and fitness, as well as alternative medicine.

He is right-handed.

Spikes are his favorite!

Ep. 1 Ballin' W/ Joe

In this Episode special guest Janine Delaney gives Handball a shot and tests her athletic ability to play the game and learn a little bit.

We focused on practicing the basics, getting the feel of the ball hitting the center of the hand by playing chinese handball. I taught her a little bit about positioning and we played a fun game together to get some exercise in!

On this episode, Eric is joined by a world champion and a game changer. First up is Josef Gotsch, a world champion handballer. He's 24 and he's on top of his world who happened to collect a little bit growing up as well. Next up is Piece of the Game owner David Prince. He's about to come to market with a beautiful new product that goes above and beyond when it comes to authentication. You won't want to miss out on it. All that plus, new products and pricing, a trip to the Animal Kingdom, and team number 19 on the 30 Teams in 30 Weeks, the Washington Wizards, this week on The Fat Packs Podcast.

Upcoming Events

Queens VS Long Island - May 8th

Open 3-Wall Fresno CA - June 5-6th

BigBall / WallBall Nationals Hosted by USHA (US Handball Association) - June 25-27th

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